How to get more space in your Dropbox for free

Dropbox is one of the best and most popular file hosting services around. One of its trademark features is the flawless synchronization in its Windows and Mac app that, until recently, was unmatched in convenience and reliability. Besides that it has great support across all major desktop and mobile platforms with plenty of apps offering integration for browsing and saving to your account.

Dropbox offers a free option which gives you 2GB of space to try the service. Unfortunately 2GB is very little these days, but there are ways to increase your available space by a lot.

Here’s how to do just that:

Use a referral link to create your new Dropbox account (for an additional 500MB)

Here’s my referral link: Click on it and create your new account. When you install the app on your PC or Mac your account will get the extra 500MB.

Complete your "Get Started" tour (for an extra 250MB)

After creating a Dropbox account you will be presented with a series of 7 tasks. Complete 5 of them to get 250MB extra space. These include simple things that you’d do anyway - like installing the app and putting some files in your Dropbox folder.

Connect your social media accounts to get 500MB

There a four social tasks that will earn you an extra 500MB of space. Go to to perform them. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts will earn you an extra 125MB for each. Follow @Dropbox on Twitter for 125MB and tell the Dropbox team why you like their service for an additional 125MB (a short sentence will suffice).

Invite your friends for up to 16GB extra space

After you set up your account, copy your referral link from and share it to your friends who want to make a new Dropbox account. Both you and your friends will get an extra 500MB when they'll installs the Dropbox app on their PC/Mac. You can do this for up to 32 people and earn a total of 16GB.

Keep an eye on the Dropbox blog for special events and giveaways

On the official blog at the Dropbox team will post notices of events that will give you extra free space. It the past there were a couple of Dropquests (a sort of an online scavenger hunt) that gave away 1GB each to the participants. Other opportunities to get some extra space were "The Great Space Race" and the "CampusCup", both aimed at students and universities.

Some new devices come with free Dropbox space

For a while now Samsung and HTC offered 50GB of space with their new devices for 2 years since activation. Meanwhile HP and Acer offer between 15MB and 23MB of space a limited amount of time. Not all devices offer these deals so you’d better check beforehand.

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